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Computational Service Hosting

Just like your organization needs a static website (hosted in Web servers), the optimization and modeling tools that you use or have developed can also be hosted as Optimization Web services in dynamic computing servers.

OS hosting is about providing computing tools, models, computational server space, computing Web services, user and job management for the computational Web sites controlled by individuals or companies that do not have their own Web and computational resources.

Optimization software (e.g. solvers) can either be hosted on the Internet as public Optimization Services, or can be hosted within an orgnization's intranet.

Currently hosted public Optimization Services are mainly for research purposes and their addresses are not widely advertized. If you are interested in using/testing these services or if you want to host your own optimization software as servcies, contact us.

There are also several projects to host optimization and other computational services within commercial companies. For proprietary purposes, we can not at the moment disclose the detailed information. But if you are interested in using Optimization Services or deploying/hosting any computational software as services in your internal intranet or if you are interested in integrating optimization and computational services into your enterprise system, contact us.

OS is intended to be the next generation NEOS. One of the purposes of OS as the next generation NEOS is to promote wide use of open optimization and comutational software on the Internet, so that users all over the world can have access to these distributed computing services.

On the other hand, even on the public Internet system, Optimization Services don't have to be hosted as free services. Commercial optimization software can also be hosted as for-profit services with appropriate pricing schemes. There are currently such projects being built to tackle this market.


Different ways of hosting Optimization Services
  • Solvers can be hosted on the public Internet as free services
  • Services can be set up within an intranet
  • Services or other computing software can be integrated into a larger enterprise system as underlying computational engines.
  • Commercial Optimization Services Web site can be set up to provide for-profit computing resources and online services on the Internet.