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Optimization Services entity Language (OSeL)

Click to see or download the OSeL XML Schema -> OSeL.xsd [prototype under development]

OSeL (entity) is a specification of (static) entity information used to describe the static information of an optimization service (such as name, type, and description).

However, to register a service, the registrant usually goes to the Optimization Services registry Web site to fill out the form shown in in the following example figure. Of course the registrant can also submit the OSeL description directly. 


Notice there are several main categories including general information, system information, service information, job information, optimization information. When the registrant clicks the submit button, the entered data is organized into an OSeL file and sent to the OS registry using the communication specified by the OSdL (Optimization Services discover Language) WSDL document.

The following figure illustrates the general OSeL Schema.



Click to see or download the OSeL XML Schema -> OSeL.xsd