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IMPACT Optimization Solvers/Services

This is the IMPACT site hosted on the Optimization Services Site.

Impact is still under research and only prototypes are being built to show proof-of-concept.

IMPACT solvers are a suite of Integrated Mathematical Programming Advanced Computational Tools, used to determine optimal solutions to large scale decision problems. Models can be linear or nonlinear, continuous or discrete, deterministic or stochastic, tightly coupled or distributed.

IMPACT solvers are built to natively support the Optimization Services standards and framework. Hosting IMPACT in a solver server as a Web service is no more difficult than putting up a Web page.

IMPACT solver services are platform and language independent and can be invoked from anywhere in the world with clients implemented in any programming languages. We also provide client software/agents to invoking IMPACT solver services.

IMPACT is designed to be an open architecture that is also strictly compatible with the open Optimization Services standards. IMPACT is not restricted to any one solver. Besides the solvers developed by IMPACT's own researchers, IMPACT solvers also include the world's fastest and most advanced optimization engines from third party vendors. This enables model developers and end users to choose the best solvers that suits their specific project needs.

IMPACT applications cover such diverse managerial problems as product design, and product mix specification, input allocation in production systems (including job assignment of key personnel), product distribution analysis (including plant location and delivery routing), promotional mix in marketing activities, inventory, airline scheduling, cash management and capital budgeting (investment) decision.