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OS GUI (Graphical User Interface)

Like the initiative of OS Binary, Optimization Services is in the process of starting the OS GUI initiative and is seeking collaboration with COIN-OR and other teams and organizations.

The purpose of the OS GUI project is to facilate the use of many open source computing software such as Optimization Services itself and those hosted at COIN-OR, so that

  1. Users of the computing software do not have to worry about unnecessary technical details.
  2. Complicated computing software can have a unified feel and look of graphical environment.
  3. Developers of the solver software can concentrate on the computing aspect.
  4. Computing solver services can be easily hosted, publicized and accessed.
  5. Business users can easily deploy enterprise computing system within a company, with intelligent components in scheduling computational jobs, registering and finding computing services, routing maintenance.
  6. Developers can collaborate to let all computational software components communicate with each, independent of platforms and implementations.

As the OS GUI is still under a very early stage of planning, this site will keep you posted on the progress of the OS GUI project. Please come back.