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Optimization Services (OS) Downloads

  • The OSxL XMLSchemas (OSRepresentation) in a zipped file.


  • The OSxL WSDL files (OSCommunication) in a zipped file.

=> OSWSDL-2.0.zip

  • Note you can also go to the OS standard page and download each scehma or WSDL individually. And they are always the most updated.



You can obtain the OS C/C++ source code either via subversion or in form of nightly generated tarballs. The recommended method is to use subversion because it makes it easier to obtain updates. The following commands may be used to obtain and build OS from the source code using subversion:

  1. svn co https://projects.coin-or.org/svn/OS/trunk COIN
  2. cd COIN
  3. ./configure
  4. make
  5. make test
  6. make install

Step 1 issues the subversion command to obtain the source code in the ./COIN directory. Alternatively one can obtain the source code from the tarball directory, and downloading a file of the form OS_YYYYMMMDD.tgz.

Step 2 gets you into the COIN directory.

Step 3 runs a configure script that generates the make file.

Step 4 builds the OS library, its dependent libraries, and the executable program.

Step 5 builds and runs the OS unit test program.

Step 6 Installs libraries, executables and header files in directories COIN/lib, COIN/bin and COIN/include.

The above steps are fully tested on Mac/Unix, Linux, and on Windows using either MINGW/MSYS or CYGWIN. Popular compilers like gcc/g++ or windows native compiler cl.exe can all be used.

Other Choices

The COIN BuildTools project has additional details on downloading, building, and installing.

The COIN M SVisualStudio project has information about building on Windows in the Microsoft Development Studio.

The COIN Binary project provides a downloadable binary distribution of OS.







































































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