Optimization Services









Publication Overview

OS publications are the best sources to understand the Optimization Serivices framework and the related components.

As Optimization Services is at the current stage actively under research, the OS publications are also a good source to follow the progress of the OS project.

  • The research section shows various OS research projects, directly related or indirectly derived, some getting mature, while other just getting started.
  • The conference section shows the conferences or invited talks that we have presented or will be presenting Optimization Services and related research.
  • The papers section lists papers or documents related with OS, some published, some still under draft.
  • The presentation section should provide the most comprehensive resources to understand Optimization Services in its most updated stage. The presentations are collected from all the conferences and invited talks that we have attended. Most of them are provided in both powerpoint or pdf formats. Powerpoint (ppt) format provide extra animation support. Pdf format are usually of small size and more compatible on different systems.
  • The API (Application Programming Interface) section provides programmers with detailed technical document references on using OS libraries.
  • The FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section should give you a quick way to get to know Optimization Services quickly.
  • The Related Sites section lists all the resources and Web links that are related with Optimization Services.
  • The Related Research section lists many research projects that are related with or derived from Optimization Services.