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OS Binary

Optimization Services participates in the COIN-OR binary project. As one of the projects in the COIN-OR foundation, binary related with Optimization Services can also be distributed in the same fashion.

This project is a fledgling effort to distribute binaries built from the source code of various COIN-OR projects. The goal is to provide libraries and executables precompiled on the most popular platforms for those users who do not need to look at, or modify, the source code of the COIN projects themselves. Initially supported platforms are

  • Microsoft Windows with the Visual C++ 7,8,9 (.NET) compiler
  • Microsoft Windows with the Visual C++ 6 compiler
  • Linux with the g++ 3 compiler on ix86 architectures
  • Linux with the g++ 4 compiler on ix86 architectures
  • Mac OS X with the g++ 4 compiler on Power PC architectures

Projects currently included in the distribution are

  • Optimization Services (OS)
  • COIN Utilities
  • Open Solver Interface with interfaces to
  • COIN LP Solver
  • COIN Branch and Cut Solver
  • COIN LP Solver
  • COIN Branch and Cut Solver
  • Cut Generation Library
  • Stochastic Modeling Interface

Basic information on installing and using the binaries is available at the project Wiki here:


A simple example illustrating the use of the binaries is also available at the Wiki.

The currently available distribution has passed all current unit tests, but has not been thoroughly tested by users. Please be aware that there may be some glitches. We will do our best to address any problems reported, but we are still in the process of developing testing and release procedures, so response may be slow at first. Please post any questions or concerns to the project mailing list, information for which can be obtained at: