03 Nov

2021 COIN-OR Cup Winners: GRAVITY team

We are pleased to announce that Hassan Hijazi, Guanglei Wang, Ksenia Bestuzheva, Smitha Gopinath, Mertcan Yetkin, and Carleton Coffrin have won the 2021 COIN-OR Cup for their work on “GRAVITY: A Mathematical Modeling Language for Optimization and Machine Learning.” GRAVITY is a software development project directly linked to COIN-OR, which implements a free modeling language, an important tool to consolidate COIN-OR efforts. COIN-OR solvers such as Ipopt, Bonmin and Couenne are open and free, but to use them without programming, it is necessary to make use of commercial tools such as AMPL and GAMS. An open alternative to these languages is a project of great interest to solver developers in general, and allows COIN-OR not to rely on commercial modeling languages to have users who are not programmers. GRAVITY can benefit a number of projects and help democratize access to optimization tools.

Thanks to the judging committee members: Wendel Melo, Marcia Fampa, Fernanda Raupp.

Demo of using Gravity to build a model