Strategic Leadership Board

(Trac page for SLB members – login required.)

The Strategic Leadership Board (SLB) conducts the business affairs of the Foundation, sets the overall strategic direction of the Foundation, and functions as the legal Board of Directors.

Members of the Strategic Leadership Board are elected to three-year terms. The following are the current members as well as the year their current term ends:

  • Oscar Dowson (2023)
  • Kevin Furman (2021)
  • Horand (Gus) Gassmann (2021), Treasurer
  • Laurent Perron (2023)
  • Andrew Mason (2022)
  • Giacomo Nannicini (2021), Secretary
  • Ted Ralphs (ex-officio as TLC Representative)
  • Matthew Saltzman (2022), President

The previous SLB was:

  • Robert Fourer (2017, 2021)
  • Kevin Furman (2018)
  • Horand (Gus) Gassmann (2018),  Treasurer
  • Bill Hart (2018)
  • Alan King (2016, 2020)
  • Andrew Mason (2019)
  • Giacomo Nannicini (2018), Secretary
  • Ted Ralphs, TLC Representative
  • Matthew Saltzman (2019), President

Several committees coordinate the work of the SLB:

Alan King (chair)
Legal Affairs
Ted Ralphs (chair), Lou Hafer, Matthew Saltzman
Lou Hafer (chair)
Matthew Saltzman (chair), Lou Hafer, Andrew Mason, Ted Ralphs