Pre-compiled binaries for a number of projects and platforms are available here. For more information on using these binaries, please visit the Binary Distribution project page.

Binaries are now being made available for some projects on an experimental basis at the COIN-OR download page on Bintray

Source Code

You can find detailed instruction on obtaining, configuring, compiling, installing, and finally using the COIN-OR libraries at the CoinHelp (BuildTools) project page.

An archive containing the source code for the latest stable release of each project can be obtained here or by checking it out using Subversion (SVN). See the FAQs for general instructions or go to the web page of the project you are interested in for more specific instructions (see here for a list of project web pages).

On-line Services

Some COIN-OR solvers can be accessed on-line through NEOS. You only need a description of the optimization problem you want to solve — all additional information required by the solver is determined automatically. The following COIN-OR solvers run on NEOS. (Click on the links below to get to the solver’s webpage on NEOS.)

  • BonMin, Basic Open-source Nonlinear Mixed INteger program solver on NEOS using AMPL input.
  • CLP COIN Linear Program Solver on NEOS using MPS input
  • CBC Coin Branch and Cut Solver on NEOS
  • IPOPT Large-Scale Nonlinear Optimization Solver on NEOS using AMPL input