This page presents outside resources related to COIN-OR. Information on COIN-OR projects themselves may be found through the Projects page or the Documentation page.

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Other Open-Source Tools for OR

  • Cliquer: for finding cliques in graphs
  • Gnumeric: spreadsheet with solvers
  • GNU Scientific Library: C library for mathematical functions, including random variables, statistics, linear algebra, and lots more.
  • GOBLIN: graph optimization library
  • Maxima: computer algebra, similar to Mathematica or Maple.
  • MCFClass: interface for Minimum Cost Flow problems (mix of open-source and other software)
  • mexclp: a MATLAB interface to CLP
  • MINLP: CMU-IBM Cyber-Infrastructure for MINLP
  • MUMPS: a MUltifrontal Massively Parallel sparse direct Solver
  • Octave: matrix based mathematics, similar to and “mostly compatible” with MATLAB.
  • OpenForecast: the name says it all
  • QtsPlus4Calc: a collection of OpenOffice spreadsheets that solve a variety of problems related to queueing theory.
  • R: statistics, graphics, and more. Similar to S-plus (both are based on the language S).
  • Shogun: a large-scale machine learning toolbox.
  • swIMP: SWIG-based interfaces for Mathematical Programming
  • Zimpl: translate LP/MIP models into MPS or LP formats

Tools Used by COIN-OR

  • Version control tools: Subversion, TortoiseSVNgit
  • Trac: project management (currently only used for new projects)
  • Make: used by many projects to control the compilation and linking process
  • GNU Autotools
  • Doxygen: used by many projects to generate documentation from C++ header files

Solvers with OSI interfaces

Open Source Links

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