06 Dec

2023 COIN-OR Cup Winner: ExaModels and MadNLP

Big congratulations to Sungho Shin, François Pacaud, and Mihai Anitescu for winning the 2023 COIN-OR Cup in a very competitive field with their work ExaModels (https://github.com/sshin23/ExaModels.jl) and MadNLP (https://github.com/MadNLP/MadNLP.jl).

Open-source software packages ExoModels and MadNLP represent a significant breakthrough in efficiently solving large-scale NLPs by leveraging the capabilities of modern GPUs. These packages achieve a remarkable performance enhancement in solving real-world nonlinear optimization problems at scale. A noteworthy example is the recent accomplishment in accelerating alternating current (AC) optimal power flow (OPF) problems by up to a factor of ten compared to state-of-the-art tools. 

We were delighted to celebrate the winning nomination at the INFORMS Annual meeting. Thanks to Jordan Jalving, Carl Laird, Ruth Misener, and Calvin Tsay for serving on the committee.