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Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject Class Referenceabstract

This is the base class for all algorithm strategy objects. More...

#include <IpAlgStrategy.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

bool Initialize (const Journalist &jnlst, IpoptNLP &ip_nlp, IpoptData &ip_data, IpoptCalculatedQuantities &ip_cq, const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 This method is called every time the algorithm starts again - it is used to reset any internal state. More...
bool ReducedInitialize (const Journalist &jnlst, const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 Reduced version of the Initialize method, which does not require special Ipopt information. More...
 AlgorithmStrategyObject ()
 Default Constructor. More...
virtual ~AlgorithmStrategyObject ()
 Default Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::ReferencedObject
 ReferencedObject ()
virtual ~ReferencedObject ()
Index ReferenceCount () const
void AddRef (const Referencer *referencer) const
void ReleaseRef (const Referencer *referencer) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool InitializeImpl (const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)=0
 Implementation of the initialization method that has to be overloaded by for each derived class. More...
Accessor methods for the problem defining objects.

Those should be used by the derived classes.

const JournalistJnlst () const
IpoptNLPIpNLP () const
IpoptDataIpData () const
IpoptCalculatedQuantitiesIpCq () const
bool HaveIpData () const

Private Member Functions

Default Compiler Generated Methods

(Hidden to avoid implicit creation/calling).

These methods are not implemented and we do not want the compiler to implement them for us, so we declare them private and do not define them. This ensures that they will not be implicitly created/called.

 AlgorithmStrategyObject (const AlgorithmStrategyObject &)
 Default Constructor. More...
void operator= (const AlgorithmStrategyObject &)
 Overloaded Equals Operator. More...

Private Attributes

bool initialize_called_
 flag indicating if Initialize method has been called (for debugging) More...
Pointers to objects defining a particular optimization


SmartPtr< const Journalistjnlst_
SmartPtr< IpoptNLPip_nlp_
SmartPtr< IpoptDataip_data_
< IpoptCalculatedQuantities

Detailed Description

This is the base class for all algorithm strategy objects.

The AlgorithmStrategyObject base class implements a common interface for all algorithm strategy objects. A strategy object is a component of the algorithm for which different alternatives or implementations exists. It allows to compose the algorithm before execution for a particular configuration, without the need to call alternatives based on enums. For example, the LineSearch object is a strategy object, since different line search options might be used for different runs.

This interface is used for things that are done to all strategy objects, like initialization and setting options.

Definition at line 35 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::AlgorithmStrategyObject ( )

Default Constructor.

Definition at line 41 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

virtual Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::~AlgorithmStrategyObject ( )

Default Destructor.

Definition at line 47 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::AlgorithmStrategyObject ( const AlgorithmStrategyObject )

Default Constructor.

Copy Constructor

Member Function Documentation

bool Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::Initialize ( const Journalist jnlst,
IpoptNLP ip_nlp,
IpoptData ip_data,
IpoptCalculatedQuantities ip_cq,
const OptionsList options,
const std::string &  prefix 

This method is called every time the algorithm starts again - it is used to reset any internal state.

The pointers to the Journalist, as well as to the IpoptNLP, IpoptData, and IpoptCalculatedQuantities objects should be stored in the instanciation of this base class. This method is also used to get all required user options from the OptionsList. Here, if prefix is given, each tag (identifying the options) is first looked for with the prefix in front, and if not found, without the prefix. Note: you should not cue off of the iteration count to indicate the "start" of an algorithm!

Do not overload this method, since it does some general initialization that is common for all strategy objects. Overload the protected InitializeImpl method instead.

Definition at line 66 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

bool Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::ReducedInitialize ( const Journalist jnlst,
const OptionsList options,
const std::string &  prefix 

Reduced version of the Initialize method, which does not require special Ipopt information.

This is useful for algorithm objects that could be used outside Ipopt, such as linear solvers.

Definition at line 92 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

virtual bool Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::InitializeImpl ( const OptionsList options,
const std::string &  prefix 
protectedpure virtual

Implementation of the initialization method that has to be overloaded by for each derived class.

Implemented in Ipopt::Ma97SolverInterface, Ipopt::Ma86SolverInterface, Ipopt::Ma77SolverInterface, Ipopt::SparseSymLinearSolverInterface, Ipopt::PDSystemSolver, Ipopt::IpoptAlgorithm, Ipopt::SymLinearSolver, Ipopt::BacktrackingLineSearch, Ipopt::IterativeSolverTerminationTester, Ipopt::AugSystemSolver, Ipopt::TSymLinearSolver, Ipopt::PDFullSpaceSolver, Ipopt::RestorationPhase, Ipopt::ConvergenceCheck, Ipopt::PCalculator, Ipopt::DefaultIterateInitializer, Ipopt::RestoFilterConvergenceCheck, Ipopt::SchurDriver, Ipopt::RestoPenaltyConvergenceCheck, Ipopt::RestoConvergenceCheck, Ipopt::AugRestoSystemSolver, Ipopt::LowRankSSAugSystemSolver, Ipopt::MinC_1NrmRestorationPhase, Ipopt::InexactPDSolver, Ipopt::StdAugSystemSolver, Ipopt::Ma57TSolverInterface, Ipopt::IterativePardisoSolverInterface, Ipopt::LimMemQuasiNewtonUpdater, Ipopt::RestoIterateInitializer, Ipopt::MumpsSolverInterface, Ipopt::InexactSearchDirCalculator, Ipopt::FilterLSAcceptor, Ipopt::PenaltyLSAcceptor, Ipopt::RestoIterationOutput, Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase, Ipopt::CGPenaltyLSAcceptor, Ipopt::CGPerturbationHandler, Ipopt::CGSearchDirCalculator, Ipopt::InexactLSAcceptor, Ipopt::InexactTSymScalingMethod, Ipopt::AdaptiveMuUpdate, Ipopt::HessianUpdater, Ipopt::IterateInitializer, Ipopt::IterationOutput, Ipopt::LeastSquareMultipliers, Ipopt::LowRankAugSystemSolver, Ipopt::PDPerturbationHandler, Ipopt::PardisoSolverInterface, Ipopt::WsmpSolverInterface, Ipopt::SensitivityStepCalculator, Ipopt::BacktrackingLSAcceptor, Ipopt::IterativeWsmpSolverInterface, Ipopt::SlackBasedTSymScalingMethod, Ipopt::TSymScalingMethod, Ipopt::InexactNormalStepCalculator, Ipopt::EqMultiplierCalculator, Ipopt::ExactHessianUpdater, Ipopt::GenAugSystemSolver, Ipopt::MonotoneMuUpdate, Ipopt::MuOracle, Ipopt::MuUpdate, Ipopt::SearchDirectionCalculator, Ipopt::InexactDoglegNormalStep, Ipopt::InexactNewtonNormalStep, Ipopt::InexactNormalTerminationTester, Ipopt::InexactPDTerminationTester, Ipopt::PDSearchDirCalculator, Ipopt::QualityFunctionMuOracle, Ipopt::WarmStartIterateInitializer, Ipopt::Mc19TSymScalingMethod, Ipopt::SensAlgorithm, Ipopt::OptimalityErrorConvergenceCheck, Ipopt::ProbingMuOracle, Ipopt::GenKKTSolverInterface, Ipopt::TDependencyDetector, Ipopt::LoqoMuOracle, Ipopt::OrigIterationOutput, Ipopt::Ma27TSolverInterface, Ipopt::TSymDependencyDetector, Ipopt::Ma28TDependencyDetector, Ipopt::IndexPCalculator, Ipopt::StdStepCalculator, Ipopt::ReducedHessianCalculator, Ipopt::SimpleBacksolver, and Ipopt::MetadataMeasurement.

const Journalist& Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::Jnlst ( ) const

Definition at line 120 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

IpoptNLP& Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::IpNLP ( ) const

Definition at line 125 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

IpoptData& Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::IpData ( ) const

Definition at line 131 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

IpoptCalculatedQuantities& Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::IpCq ( ) const

Definition at line 137 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

bool Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::HaveIpData ( ) const

Definition at line 143 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

void Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::operator= ( const AlgorithmStrategyObject )

Overloaded Equals Operator.

Member Data Documentation

SmartPtr<const Journalist> Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::jnlst_

Definition at line 172 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

SmartPtr<IpoptNLP> Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::ip_nlp_

Definition at line 173 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

SmartPtr<IpoptData> Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::ip_data_

Definition at line 174 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

SmartPtr<IpoptCalculatedQuantities> Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::ip_cq_

Definition at line 175 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

bool Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject::initialize_called_

flag indicating if Initialize method has been called (for debugging)

Definition at line 180 of file IpAlgStrategy.hpp.

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