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Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase Class Reference

Recursive Restoration Phase for the.MinC_1NrmRestorationPhase. More...

#include <IpRestoRestoPhase.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual bool InitializeImpl (const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 Overloaded from AlgorithmStrategy case class. More...
 RestoRestorationPhase ()
 Default Constructor. More...
virtual ~RestoRestorationPhase ()
 Default destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::RestorationPhase
 RestorationPhase ()
 Default Constructor. More...
virtual ~RestorationPhase ()
 Default Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject
bool Initialize (const Journalist &jnlst, IpoptNLP &ip_nlp, IpoptData &ip_data, IpoptCalculatedQuantities &ip_cq, const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 This method is called every time the algorithm starts again - it is used to reset any internal state. More...
bool ReducedInitialize (const Journalist &jnlst, const OptionsList &options, const std::string &prefix)
 Reduced version of the Initialize method, which does not require special Ipopt information. More...
 AlgorithmStrategyObject ()
 Default Constructor. More...
virtual ~AlgorithmStrategyObject ()
 Default Destructor. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::ReferencedObject
 ReferencedObject ()
virtual ~ReferencedObject ()
Index ReferenceCount () const
void AddRef (const Referencer *referencer) const
void ReleaseRef (const Referencer *referencer) const

Protected Member Functions

virtual bool PerformRestoration ()
 Overloaded method from RestorationPhase. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from Ipopt::AlgorithmStrategyObject
const JournalistJnlst () const
IpoptNLPIpNLP () const
IpoptDataIpData () const
IpoptCalculatedQuantitiesIpCq () const
bool HaveIpData () const

Private Member Functions

Default Compiler Generated Methods (Hidden to avoid

implicit creation/calling).

These methods are not implemented and we do not want the compiler to implement them for us, so we declare them private and do not define them. This ensures that they will not be implicitly created/called.

 RestoRestorationPhase (const RestoRestorationPhase &)
 Copy Constructor. More...
void operator= (const RestoRestorationPhase &)
 Overloaded Equals Operator. More...
Auxilliary methods
void solve_quadratic (const Vector &a, const Vector &b, Vector &v)
Method for solving the quadratic vector equation v^2 + 2a*v -

b = 0 More...


Detailed Description

Recursive Restoration Phase for the.MinC_1NrmRestorationPhase.

This procedure chooses the n and p variables in the MinC_1NrmRestorationPhase problem formulation by treating the problem as separable (assuming that the x and s variables are fixed).

Definition at line 25 of file IpRestoRestoPhase.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase::RestoRestorationPhase ( )

Default Constructor.

virtual Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase::~RestoRestorationPhase ( )

Default destructor.

Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase::RestoRestorationPhase ( const RestoRestorationPhase )

Copy Constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual bool Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase::InitializeImpl ( const OptionsList options,
const std::string &  prefix 

Overloaded from AlgorithmStrategy case class.

Implements Ipopt::RestorationPhase.

virtual bool Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase::PerformRestoration ( )

Overloaded method from RestorationPhase.

Implements Ipopt::RestorationPhase.

void Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase::operator= ( const RestoRestorationPhase )

Overloaded Equals Operator.

void Ipopt::RestoRestorationPhase::solve_quadratic ( const Vector a,
const Vector b,
Vector v 

Method for solving the quadratic vector equation v^2 + 2a*v -

b = 0

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