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f2cad-20100428: Convert Fortran 77 to C++ AD Types
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cmlib AD Library
Provide a growing subset of cmlib as a library that can be used with adolc , cppad , or fadbad .

Other Libraries and C++ AD Types
Provide the infrastructure to convert any Fortran 77 code to any C++ AD type.

The getting started examples in get_started show how to use the files in the library with each of the AD types.

The examples and tests in library demonstrate the use of each of the Fortran routines in the library with each of the AD types. On the other hand, you should use the interface best for your particular AD type when using the library (see get_started .)

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Installing f2cad
Getting Started Using the f2cad Libraries
C++ Types Corresponding to Fortran Prototypes
f2cad Library
Run Test of All the Library Routines
Utilities used to Test Library
Adding a Fortran Routine to the f2cad Libraries
Changes And Additions To f2cad
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