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Changes And Additions To f2cad

This section contains a list of changes to f2cad in reverse order by date. Its purpose is to assist you in learning about changes between various versions.

  1. Added the routines dbskes and dbesks .
  2. Bring install instructions up to date.

  1. Added the routine d9knus .
  2. Added instructions for converting Fortran to lower case to .
  3. Improved sed script that converts from C to C++ so that it handles more cases.
  4. Fix undefined external MAIN_ on Fedora where using yum installed version of f2c (related to dynamic link -lf2c).

  1. Update install for move to CoinBazaar.
  2. Change the configure flag CPP_ERROR_WARN to CXX_FLAG.

  1. Change the test return type to
    	typedef enum { test_none, test_pass, test_fail } test_return;
    This enables the driver program to inform the user when there is no test for a routine (which is how initializes each example / test).
  2. Added the i1mach utility.
  3. Added the dint , d9lgmc , and dgamma library functions.

Alphabetize the library section. Put a direct link to the Fortran source code directly after the prototype for each subsection of library (the Fortran source has the documentation).

  1. Move f2cad source code to
  2. Fix an upper/lower case bug that did not show up under cygwin (which is case insensitive on file names).
  3. Remove some unused files.

  1. Moved example/*.h to example/*.cpp .
  2. Separated the example build for each packages into its own directory. For example, moved example/RunAdolc to example/adolc/adolc, example/RunCppAD to example/cppad/cppad, and example/RunFadbad to example/fadbad/fadbad.
  3. Change C++ include file names from *.h to *.hpp .
  4. Fix mistake in function all return value prototypes (stored in f2cad/*.omh ).
  5. Make fortran/mysub.f a working example for using .

Added the routine dcsevl .

  1. Convert Blas routine names to the standard for double precision; e.g., saxpy was changes to daxpy .
  2. Added the routines d1mach and dgamlm .

  1. Modifications to bring up to date so worked with current versions of all the tools used.
  2. Fix a bug in start_adolc.cpp (accessing memory after it had been freed).
  3. Include original Fortran and add links in examples to: idamax.f , daxpy.f , ddot.f , dgefa.f , dgesl.f , dscal.f .
  4. Add the routines xerror and xerror2cpp to the library.
  5. Add the cmlib routine initds .

The location of f2c on the web changed and its instructions no longer worked. An script was written which automates most of the install process (and works with the new location of f2c on the web).

Upgrade to new versions of Adolc , and Fadbad .

The example fortran/mysub.f has been added. This shows to add multiple fortran functions and subroutines in one file. The advantage (or disadvantage) of this is that you only have to test one of the routines in the file.

A script file that makes it easier to add new fortran routines to the libraries was added.

The first version of f2cad was uploaded to .

Use the vector  f for the function value in the example and test of daxpy , ddot , and dscal .
Input File: omh/whats_new.omh