CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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oCCppAD::AD< Base >
oCCppAD::ADFun< Base >Class used to hold function objects
oCCppAD::ADFun< double >
oCCppAD::local::ADTape< Base >Class used to hold tape that records AD<Base> operations
oCCppAD::atomic_base< Base >
oCCppAD::atomic_base< double >
oCCppAD::det_by_lu< Scalar >
oCCppAD::det_by_minor< Scalar >
oCCppAD::discrete< Base >
oCCppAD::index_sort_element< Compare >Helper class used by index_sort
oCCppAD::IntegrateLast< Fun, SizeVector, FloatVector, Float >
oCCppAD::local::internal_sparsity< Element_type >Template structure used obtain the internal sparsity pattern type form the corresponding element type
oCCppAD::local::internal_sparsity< bool >Specilization for bool elements
oCCppAD::local::internal_sparsity< std::set< size_t > >Specilization for std::set<size_t> elements
oCCppAD::numeric_limits< Float >All tthese defaults correspond to errors
oCCppAD::numeric_limits< AD< Base > >Partial specialization that defines limits for for all AD types
oCEigen::NumTraits< CppAD::AD< Base > >
oCCppAD::ode_evaluate_fun< Float >
oCCppAD::ok_if_S_same_as_T< S, T >
oCCppAD::ok_if_S_same_as_T< T, T >
oCCppAD::local::sparse_list::pair_size_tType used for each entry in a singly linked list
oCCppAD::local::player< Base >Class used to store and play back an operation sequence recording
oCCppAD::local::player< double >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< Type >A vector class with Type element that does not use element constructors or destructors when Type is Plain Old Data (pod)
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< addr_t >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< Base >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< bool >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< char >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< CppAD::local::sparse_list::pair_size_t >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< double >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< OpCode >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< Pack >
oCCppAD::local::pod_vector< size_t >
oCCppAD::local::recorder< Base >Class used to store an operation sequence while it is being recorded (the operation sequence is copied to the player class for playback)
oCCppAD::RombergMul< Fun, SizeVector, FloatVector, m >
oCCppAD::RombergMul< Fun, SizeVector, FloatVector, 1 >
oCCppAD::SliceLast< Fun, FloatVector >
oCCppAD::ipopt::solve_result< Dvector >Class that contains information about solve problem result
oCCppAD::sparse_hes_workClass used to hold information used by Sparse Hessian routine in this file, so it does not need to be recomputed every time
oCCppAD::sparse_hessian_workClass used by SparseHessian to hold information so it does not need to be recomputed
oCCppAD::sparse_jac_workClass used to hold information used by Sparse Jacobian routines in this file, so they do not need to be recomputed every time
oCCppAD::sparse_jacobian_workClass used by SparseJacobian to hold information so it does not need to be recomputed
oCCppAD::local::sparse_listVector of sets of positive integers, each set stored as a singly linked list
oCCppAD::local::sparse_list_const_iteratorCons_iterator for one set of positive integers in a sparse_list object
oCCppAD::local::sparse_packVector of sets of postivie integers, each set stored as a packed boolean array
oCCppAD::local::sparse_pack_const_iteratorCons_iterator for one set of positive integers in a sparse_pack object
oCCppAD::sparse_rc< SizeVector >Sparsity pattern for a matrix with indices of type size_t
oCCppAD::sparse_rcv< SizeVector, ValueVector >Sparse matrices with elements of type Scalar
oCCppAD::local::sparse_sizevecVector of sets of positive integers, each set stored as a size_t vector
oCCppAD::local::sparse_sizevec_const_iteratorCons_iterator for one set of positive integers in a sparse_sizevec object
oCCppAD::local::optimize::struct_cexp_infoInformation about one conditional expression
oCCppAD::local::optimize::struct_csum_stacksInformation about one cumulative summation operation
oCCppAD::local::optimize::struct_csum_variableInformation about one old variable that is part of a new CSumOp operation
oCCppAD::local::optimize::struct_old2newInformation that maps old an old operator to a new opeator and new variable
oCCppAD::local::optimize::struct_opt_op_infoInformation for one operator
oCCppAD::local::subgraph::subgraph_infoClass for maintaining subgraph information attached to on ADFun object
oCCppAD::test_boolofvoidOne class object is used to run a group of tests
oCCppAD::thread_allocCapacity vector for memory allocation block sizes
oCCppAD::thread_alloc::thread_alloc_infoStructure of information for each thread
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< Type >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< adouble >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< CppAD::AD< Base > >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< double >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< float >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< long double >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< signed int >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< signed long >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< signed long long >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< signed short >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< unsigned int >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< unsigned long >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< unsigned long long >
oCCppAD::to_string_struct< unsigned short >
oCCppAD::VecAD< Base >Vector of AD objects that tracks indexing operations on the tape
oCCppAD::VecAD_reference< Base >Class used to hold a reference to an element of a VecAD object
oCCppAD::vector< Type >The CppAD Simple Vector template class
oCCppAD::vector< Base >
oCCppAD::vector< bool >
oCCppAD::vector< matrix >
oCCppAD::vector< Scalar >
oCCppAD::vector< size_t >
oCCppAD::vector< std::set< size_t > >
oCCppAD::vectorBoolElementClass that is used to hold a non-constant element of a vector
oCCppAD::atomic_base< Base >::work_structTemporary work space used by member functions, declared here to avoid
\CCppAD::zdoubleClass that is like double, except that it has an absolute zero