CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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CppAD::ipopt::solve_result< Dvector > Class Template Reference

Class that contains information about solve problem result. More...

Public Types

enum  status_type {
  not_defined, success, maxiter_exceeded, stop_at_tiny_step,
  stop_at_acceptable_point, local_infeasibility, user_requested_stop, feasible_point_found,
  diverging_iterates, restoration_failure, error_in_step_computation, invalid_number_detected,
  too_few_degrees_of_freedom, internal_error, unknown
 possible values for the result status More...

Public Member Functions

 solve_result (void)
 constructor initializes solution status as not yet defined More...

Public Attributes

Dvector g
 value of g(x) More...
Dvector lambda
 Lagrange multipliers correspondiing constraints on g(x) More...
double obj_value
 value of f(x) More...
status_type status
 possible values for solution status More...
Dvector x
 the approximation solution More...
Dvector zl
 Lagrange multipliers corresponding to lower bounds on x. More...
Dvector zu
 Lagrange multipliers corresponding to upper bounds on x. More...

Detailed Description

template<class Dvector>
class CppAD::ipopt::solve_result< Dvector >

Class that contains information about solve problem result.

Template Parameters
Dvectora simple vector with elements of type double

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