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Directory Structure
A brief description of each of the CppAD directories is provided below:

Distribution Directory
The following table lists the sub-directories of the distribution directory :
bin Scripts used for CppAD development.
bug Used to create a simple CppAD bug report or test.
build Used to build the libraries, examples, and tests.
cppad The CppAD include directory.
cppad_ipopt Example and tests for the deprecated cppad_ipopt library.
cppad_lib Source code corresponding to the CppAD library.
doc The program bin/ puts the user documentation here.
doxydoc The program bin/ puts its developer documentation here.
example Source code for the CppAD examples.
introduction Source code for the CppAD introduction.
omh Contains files that are only used for documentation.
pkgconfig Contains the CppAD pkg-config information.
speed The CppAD speed tests.
test_more Tests that are not part of the documentation.

Example Directory
The following table lists the sub-directories of the example directory.
atomic atomic function examples.
deprecated examples for functions that have been deprecated .
general general purpose examples.
get_started a good place to get started using CppAD.
ipopt_solve examples using the ipopt_solve interface to CppAD.
multi_thread CppAD multi_threading examples.
optimize examples using the optimize operation.
print_for examples that used the PrintFor operation.
sparse examples using sparsity_patterns and sparse_derivatives .
utility example using the CppAD utilities .

Input File: omh/appendix/directory.omh