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CppAD Deprecated API Features

include_deprecatedDeprecated Include Files
FunDeprecatedADFun Object Deprecated Member Functions
CompareChangeComparison Changes During Zero Order Forward Mode
omp_max_threadOpenMP Parallel Setup
TrackNewDelRoutines That Track Use of New and Delete
omp_allocA Quick OpenMP Memory Allocator Used by CppAD
memory_leakMemory Leak Detection
epsilonMachine Epsilon For AD Types
test_vectorChoosing The Vector Testing Template Class
cppad_ipopt_nlpNonlinear Programming Using the CppAD Interface to Ipopt
old_atomicUser Defined Atomic AD Functions
zdoublezdouble: An AD Base Type With Absolute Zero
autotoolsAutotools Unix Test and Installation

Name Changes
CppADCreateUnaryBool AD Boolean Functions
CppADCreateDiscrete Discrete AD Functions
nan(zero) nan(zero) coloring see sparse_hes and sparse_hessian

Atomic Functions
The following are links to deprecated atomic_base interfaces: for_sparse_jac , rev_sparse_jac , for_sparse_hes , rev_sparse_hes .
Input File: omh/appendix/deprecated/deprecated.omh