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@(@\newcommand{\W}[1]{ \; #1 \; } \newcommand{\R}[1]{ {\rm #1} } \newcommand{\B}[1]{ {\bf #1} } \newcommand{\D}[2]{ \frac{\partial #1}{\partial #2} } \newcommand{\DD}[3]{ \frac{\partial^2 #1}{\partial #2 \partial #3} } \newcommand{\Dpow}[2]{ \frac{\partial^{#1}}{\partial {#2}^{#1}} } \newcommand{\dpow}[2]{ \frac{ {\rm d}^{#1}}{{\rm d}\, {#2}^{#1}} }@)@
Some General Purpose Utilities
These routines can be include individually; for example,
     # include <cppad/utility/vector.hpp>
only includes the definitions necessary for the CppAD::vector class. They can also be included as a group, separate from the rest of CppAD, using
     # include <cppad/utility.hpp>
They will also be included, along with the rest of CppAD, using
     # include <cppad/cppad.hpp>

The routines listed below support numerical correctness and speed testing:
NearEqual Determine if Two Values Are Nearly Equal
time_test Determine Amount of Time to Execute a Test
speed_test Run One Speed Test and Return Results
SpeedTest Run One Speed Test and Print Results
test_boolofvoid Object that Runs a Group of Tests

C++ Concepts
We refer to a the set of classes that satisfy certain conditions as a C++ concept. The following concepts are used by the CppAD Template library:
NumericType Definition of a Numeric Type
CheckNumericType Check NumericType Class Concept
SimpleVector Definition of a Simple Vector
CheckSimpleVector Check Simple Vector Concept

General Numerical Routines
The routines listed below are general purpose numerical routines written with the floating point type a C++ template parameter. This enables them to be used with algorithmic differentiation types, as well as for other purposes.
nan Obtain Nan or Determine if a Value is Nan
pow_int The Integer Power Function
Poly Evaluate a Polynomial or its Derivative
LuDetAndSolve Compute Determinants and Solve Equations by LU Factorization
RombergOne One DimensionalRomberg Integration
RombergMul Multi-dimensional Romberg Integration
Runge45 An Embedded 4th and 5th Order Runge-Kutta ODE Solver
Rosen34 A 3rd and 4th Order Rosenbrock ODE Solver
OdeErrControl An Error Controller for ODE Solvers
OdeGear An Arbitrary Order Gear Method
OdeGearControl An Error Controller for Gear's Ode Solvers


Error Handler
All of the routines in the CppAD namespace use the following general purpose error handler:
ErrorHandler Replacing the CppAD Error Handler

The CppAD Vector Template Class
This is a simple implementation of a template vector class (that is easy to view in a C++ debugger):
CppAD_vector The CppAD::vector Template Class

Multi-Threading Memory Allocation
thread_alloc A Fast Multi-Threading Memory Allocator

Sorting Indices
index_sort Returns Indices that Sort a Vector

to_string Convert Certain Types to a String

set_union Union of Standard Sets

Sparse Matrices
sparse_rc Row and Column Index Sparsity Patterns
sparse_rcv Sparse Matrix Row, Column, Value Representation

Input File: omh/utility.omh