The first step is to run a configuration script that will allow the compilation process to be customized for your environment. to perform this step, switch into the root directory of the distribution and type

This will set up the default configuration files. If you want to override the default settings, you can either run the configuration script with command-line options or else modify the options in the file share/ A complete list of options with brief explanations can be seen both in the file share/ and by typing
 ./configure --help=recursive
See Figure 2.1 for a list of options the user may want to set.

Figure 2.1: A list of useful configuration options
\texttt{-enable-debug} & compile all p...
...t{-without-tm} & compile without tree manager module

In order to enable or disable an option, either modify the file share/ or add the option as an argument to configuration script. For instance, running

 ./configure --enable-debug
will compile the source files with the debugging flag.

It is possible to use compilers oter than the default (which is g++). For example, to perform at automated build of SYMPHONY using the MSVC++ compiler cl with GNU autotools in the CYGWIN environment configure with

 ./configure --enable-doscompile=msvc

Ted Ralphs