OpenTS Tutorial
Main Program
Road Map

As a sort of road map, let's start at the highest level and build (most) of our main application. We'll need to create our tabu search objects, feed them into the OpenTS Tabu Search, start the search, and display the results.

The complete source is available, but let's take a look at the code piece by piece:

import org.coinor.opents.*;

public class Main

    public static void main( String[] args )
        // Initialize our objects
        // ...
        // Create Tabu Search object
        // ...

        // Start solving
        // ...

        // Show solution
        // ...

    }   // end main

}   // end class Main

Okay, it's pretty boring so far, but we'll fix that. This gives us an idea of the general structure of our simple TSP-solving program.

Next we'll take a look at our Tabu Search objects that we need to instantiate (we'll discuss how we actually built these objects a little later).