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VOL_lp Class Reference

#include <lpc.h>

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Public Member Functions

 VOL_lp ()
 ~VOL_lp ()
void build_col (int row, double el)
void rhs (int row, double lb, double ub)
void finish_up ()
int n_cols ()
void set_nrows (const int n)
void intcol (int j)
void addobj (double xx)
void addel (int row, double el)
void startcol ()
void ub (const int i, const double x)
void lb (const int i, const double x)
void init_bounds (const int n)

Public Attributes

int ncols
int nrows
int nels
int maxcols
int nints
VOL_ivector mrow
VOL_ivector mcstrt
VOL_dvector dels
VOL_dvector dcost
VOL_dvector dloc
VOL_dvector dupc
VOL_dvector dlor
VOL_dvector dupr
VOL_ivector intnums
VOL_ivector check_col
vector< int > mr
vector< int > mc
vector< double > els
vector< double > cost

Detailed Description

Definition at line 17 of file lpc.h.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

VOL_lp::VOL_lp ( )
VOL_lp::~VOL_lp ( )

Definition at line 36 of file lpc.h.

Member Function Documentation

void VOL_lp::build_col ( int  row,
double  el 
void VOL_lp::rhs ( int  row,
double  lb,
double  ub 
void VOL_lp::finish_up ( )
int VOL_lp::n_cols ( )

Definition at line 40 of file lpc.h.

void VOL_lp::set_nrows ( const int  n)
void VOL_lp::intcol ( int  j)
void VOL_lp::addobj ( double  xx)
void VOL_lp::addel ( int  row,
double  el 
void VOL_lp::startcol ( )
void VOL_lp::ub ( const int  i,
const double  x 
void VOL_lp::lb ( const int  i,
const double  x 
void VOL_lp::init_bounds ( const int  n)

Member Data Documentation

int VOL_lp::ncols

Definition at line 19 of file lpc.h.

int VOL_lp::nrows

Definition at line 19 of file lpc.h.

int VOL_lp::nels

Definition at line 19 of file lpc.h.

int VOL_lp::maxcols

Definition at line 20 of file lpc.h.

int VOL_lp::nints

Definition at line 20 of file lpc.h.

VOL_ivector VOL_lp::mrow

Definition at line 21 of file lpc.h.

VOL_ivector VOL_lp::mcstrt

Definition at line 22 of file lpc.h.

VOL_dvector VOL_lp::dels

Definition at line 23 of file lpc.h.

VOL_dvector VOL_lp::dcost

Definition at line 24 of file lpc.h.

VOL_dvector VOL_lp::dloc

Definition at line 25 of file lpc.h.

VOL_dvector VOL_lp::dupc

Definition at line 26 of file lpc.h.

VOL_dvector VOL_lp::dlor

Definition at line 27 of file lpc.h.

VOL_dvector VOL_lp::dupr

Definition at line 28 of file lpc.h.

VOL_ivector VOL_lp::intnums

Definition at line 29 of file lpc.h.

VOL_ivector VOL_lp::check_col

Definition at line 30 of file lpc.h.

vector<int> VOL_lp::mr

Definition at line 31 of file lpc.h.

vector<int> VOL_lp::mc

Definition at line 32 of file lpc.h.

vector<double> VOL_lp::els

Definition at line 33 of file lpc.h.

vector<double> VOL_lp::cost

Definition at line 34 of file lpc.h.

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