Ipopt  3.12.12
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hsl_mc68i.h File Reference
#include "IpoptConfig.h"
#include "CoinHslConfig.h"

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struct  mc68_control
struct  mc68_info


#define mc68_control   mc68_control_i
#define mc68_info   mc68_info_i
#define mc68_default_control   mc68_default_control_i
#define mc68_order   mc68_order_i


void mc68_default_control (struct mc68_control *control)
void mc68_order (int ord, int n, const int ptr[], const int row[], int perm[], const struct mc68_control *control, struct mc68_info *info)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define mc68_control   mc68_control_i

Definition at line 20 of file hsl_mc68i.h.

#define mc68_info   mc68_info_i

Definition at line 21 of file hsl_mc68i.h.

#define mc68_default_control   mc68_default_control_i

Definition at line 22 of file hsl_mc68i.h.

#define mc68_order   mc68_order_i

Definition at line 23 of file hsl_mc68i.h.

Function Documentation

void mc68_default_control ( struct mc68_control control)
void mc68_order ( int  ord,
int  n,
const int  ptr[],
const int  row[],
int  perm[],
const struct mc68_control control,
struct mc68_info info