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MatlabInfo Class Reference

#include <matlabinfo.hpp>

Public Member Functions

 MatlabInfo (mxArray *&ptr)
 ~MatlabInfo ()
ApplicationReturnStatus getExitStatus () const
void setExitStatus (ApplicationReturnStatus status)
void setIterationCount (int iter)
void setFuncEvals (int obj, int con, int grad, int jac, int hess)
void setCpuTime (double cpu)
const double * getmultlb () const
const double * getmultub () const
const double * getmultconstr () const
void setmultlb (int n, const double *zl)
void setmultub (int n, const double *zu)
void setmultconstr (int m, const double *lambda)

Protected Attributes

mxArray * ptr

Detailed Description

Definition at line 21 of file matlabinfo.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MatlabInfo::MatlabInfo ( mxArray *&  ptr)
MatlabInfo::~MatlabInfo ( )

Definition at line 33 of file matlabinfo.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

ApplicationReturnStatus MatlabInfo::getExitStatus ( ) const
void MatlabInfo::setExitStatus ( ApplicationReturnStatus  status)
void MatlabInfo::setIterationCount ( int  iter)
void MatlabInfo::setFuncEvals ( int  obj,
int  con,
int  grad,
int  jac,
int  hess 
void MatlabInfo::setCpuTime ( double  cpu)
const double* MatlabInfo::getmultlb ( ) const
const double* MatlabInfo::getmultub ( ) const
const double* MatlabInfo::getmultconstr ( ) const
void MatlabInfo::setmultlb ( int  n,
const double *  zl 
void MatlabInfo::setmultub ( int  n,
const double *  zu 
void MatlabInfo::setmultconstr ( int  m,
const double *  lambda 

Member Data Documentation

mxArray* MatlabInfo::ptr

Definition at line 51 of file matlabinfo.hpp.

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