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Couenne::exprMax Class Reference

#include <CouenneExprMax.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Couenne::exprMax:
Couenne::exprOp Couenne::expression

Public Member Functions

Constructor exprMax (expression **al, int n)
Constructor with only two arguments exprMax (expression *el0, expression *el1)
cloning method exprMaxclone (Domain *d=NULL) const
 Cloning method. More...
print operator std::string printOp () const
print position enum pos printPos () const
 print position (PRE, INSIDE, POST) More...
function for the evaluation of
the expression CouNumber 
operator() ()
 null function for evaluating the expression More...
differentiation expressiondifferentiate (int)
 differentiation More...
simplification expressionsimplify ()
 simplification More...
get a measure of how linear
the expression 
is (see CouenneTypes.h) virtual inline int Linearity()
void getBounds (expression *&, expression *&)
 Get lower and upper bound of an expression (if any) More...
reduce expression in standard
creating additional aux 
variables (and constraints) virtual inline exprAux *standardize(CouenneProblem *
code for virtual comparisons
enum expr_type 
code ()
 return code to classify type of expression More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Couenne::exprOp
virtual enum nodeType Type () const
 Node type. More...
 exprOp (expression **arglist, int nargs)
 Constructor. More...
 exprOp (expression *arg0, expression *arg1)
 Constructor with two arguments (for convenience) More...
virtual ~exprOp ()
 Destructor. More...
 exprOp (const exprOp &e, Domain *d=NULL)
 Copy constructor: only allocate space for argument list, which will be copied with clonearglist() More...
expression ** ArgList () const
 return argument list More...
virtual void ArgList (expression **al)
 set arglist (used in deleting nodes without deleting children) More...
int nArgs () const
 return number of arguments More...
virtual void print (std::ostream &out=std::cout, bool=false) const
 I/O. More...
virtual std::string printOp () const
 print operator More...
virtual int DepList (std::set< int > &deplist, enum dig_type type=ORIG_ONLY)
 fill in the set with all indices of variables appearing in the expression More...
expression ** clonearglist (Domain *d=NULL) const
 clone argument list (for use with clone method) More...
int shrink_arglist (CouNumber, CouNumber)
 compress argument list More...
virtual int Linearity ()
 get a measure of "how linear" the expression is (see CouenneTypes.h) More...
virtual exprAuxstandardize (CouenneProblem *, bool addAux=true)
 generate auxiliary variable More...
virtual bool isInteger ()
 is this expression integer? More...
virtual int compare (exprOp &)
 compare with other generic exprOp More...
virtual int rank ()
 used in rank-based branching variable choice More...
virtual void fillDepSet (std::set< DepNode *, compNode > *dep, DepGraph *g)
 fill in dependence structure update dependence set with index of this variable More...
virtual void replace (exprVar *, exprVar *)
 replace variable with other More...
virtual void realign (const CouenneProblem *p)
 empty function to redirect variables to proper variable vector More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from Couenne::expression
 expression ()
 Constructor. More...
 expression (const expression &e, Domain *d=NULL)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual ~expression ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual int Index () const
 Return index of variable (only valid for exprVar and exprAux) More...
virtual expressionArgument () const
 return argument (when applicable, i.e., with univariate functions) More...
virtual expression ** ArgPtr ()
 return pointer to argument (when applicable, i.e., with univariate functions) More...
virtual expressionImage () const
 return pointer to corresponding expression (for auxiliary variables only) More...
virtual void Image (expression *image)
 set expression associated with this auxiliary variable (for compatibility with exprAux) More...
virtual CouNumber Value () const
 value (empty) More...
virtual const expressionOriginal () const
 If this is an exprClone of a exprClone of an expr???, point to the original expr??? instead of an exprClone – improve computing efficiency. More...
virtual CouNumber gradientNorm (const double *x)
 return l-2 norm of gradient at given point More...
virtual int dependsOn (int *ind, int n, enum dig_type type=STOP_AT_AUX)
 dependence on variable set: return cardinality of subset of the set of indices in first argument which occur in expression. More...
int dependsOn (int singleton, enum dig_type type=STOP_AT_AUX)
 version with one index only More...
virtual bool isDefinedInteger ()
 is this expression defined as an integer? More...
virtual void getBounds (CouNumber &, CouNumber &)
 Get lower and upper bound of an expression (if any) – real values. More...
virtual void generateCuts (expression *w, OsiCuts &cs, const CouenneCutGenerator *cg, t_chg_bounds *chg=NULL, int wind=-1, CouNumber lb=-COUENNE_INFINITY, CouNumber ub=COUENNE_INFINITY)
 generate convexification cut for constraint w = this More...
virtual enum convexity convexity () const
virtual int compare (expression &)
 compare expressions More...
virtual int compare (exprCopy &)
 compare copies of expressions More...
virtual bool impliedBound (int, CouNumber *, CouNumber *, t_chg_bounds *, enum auxSign=expression::AUX_EQ)
 does a backward implied bound processing on every expression, including exprSums although already done by Clp (useful when repeated within Couenne). More...
virtual int Multiplicity ()
 multiplicity of a variable More...
virtual CouNumber selectBranch (const CouenneObject *obj, const OsiBranchingInformation *info, expression *&var, double *&brpts, double *&brDist, int &way)
 set up branching object by evaluating many branching points for each expression's arguments. More...
virtual void linkDomain (Domain *d)
 empty function to update domain pointer More...
virtual bool isBijective () const
 indicating if function is monotonically increasing More...
virtual CouNumber inverse (expression *vardep) const
 compute the inverse function More...
virtual void closestFeasible (expression *varind, expression *vardep, CouNumber &left, CouNumber &right) const
 closest feasible points in function in both directions More...
virtual bool isCuttable (CouenneProblem *problem, int index) const
 can this expression be further linearized or are we on its concave ("bad") side More...
virtual bool isaCopy () const
 return true if this is a copy of something (i.e. an exprCopy) More...
virtual expressionCopy () const
 return copy of this expression (only makes sense in exprCopy) More...

Public Attributes

reduce expression in standard form
reduce expression in standard
creating additional aux bool 

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from Couenne::expression
enum  auxSign { AUX_UNDEF =-2, AUX_LEQ =-1, AUX_EQ, AUX_GEQ }
 "sign" of the constraint defining an auxiliary. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from Couenne::exprOp
expression ** arglist_
 argument list is an array of pointers to other expressions More...
int nargs_
 number of arguments (cardinality of arglist) More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 20 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Constructor Couenne::exprMax::exprMax ( expression **  al,
int  n 

Definition at line 27 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

Referenced by clone().

Constructor with only two arguments Couenne::exprMax::exprMax ( expression el0,
expression el1 

Definition at line 31 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

References Couenne::exprOp::arglist_.

Member Function Documentation

cloning method exprMax* Couenne::exprMax::clone ( Domain d = NULL) const

Cloning method.

Reimplemented from Couenne::expression.

Definition at line 38 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

References Couenne::exprOp::clonearglist(), exprMax(), and Couenne::exprOp::nargs_.

print Couenne::exprMax::operator std::string printOp ( ) const

Definition at line 42 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

print position enum pos Couenne::exprMax::printPos ( ) const

print position (PRE, INSIDE, POST)

Reimplemented from Couenne::exprOp.

Definition at line 46 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

References Couenne::PRE.

compute maximum CouNumber Couenne::exprMax::operator() ( )

null function for evaluating the expression

Implements Couenne::expression.

Definition at line 87 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

References Couenne::exprOp::arglist_, and Couenne::exprOp::nargs_.

differentiation expression* Couenne::exprMax::differentiate ( int  )


Reimplemented from Couenne::expression.

Definition at line 53 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

simplification expression* Couenne::exprMax::simplify ( )


Reimplemented from Couenne::exprOp.

Definition at line 57 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

get a measure of how linear the expression Couenne::exprMax::is ( see CouenneTypes.  h)

Definition at line 60 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

void Couenne::exprMax::getBounds ( expression *&  ,
expression *&   

Get lower and upper bound of an expression (if any)

Reimplemented from Couenne::expression.

reduce expression in standard creating additional aux Couenne::exprMax::variables ( and  constraints)
code for virtual comparisons enum expr_type Couenne::exprMax::code ( )

return code to classify type of expression

Reimplemented from Couenne::exprOp.

Definition at line 80 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

References Couenne::COU_EXPRMAX.

Member Data Documentation

reduce expression in standard Couenne::exprMax::form

Definition at line 67 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

reduce expression in standard creating additional aux bool Couenne::exprMax::addAux
Initial value:
= true)
{return NULL;}
generate equality between *this and *w
OsiCuts &cs, const CouenneCutGenerator *cg,
t_chg_bounds * = NULL, int = -1,

Definition at line 69 of file CouenneExprMax.hpp.

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