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Couenne::CouenneSparseVector Class Reference

#include <CouenneMatrix.hpp>


struct  compare_scalars

Public Member Functions

 CouenneSparseVector ()
 ~CouenneSparseVector ()
 CouenneSparseVector (const CouenneSparseVector &rhs)
CouenneSparseVectoroperator= (const CouenneSparseVector &rhs)
CouenneSparseVectorclone ()
void add_element (int index, expression *elem)
void print () const
const std::set< CouenneScalar
*, compare_scalars > & 
getElements ()
 returns elements of vector as (ordered) set More...
double operator* (const CouenneSparseVector &factor) const
 vector * vector (dot product) More...
CouenneSparseVectoroperator* (const CouenneExprMatrix &post) const
 vector * matrix More...
double multiply_thres (const CouenneSparseVector &v2, double thres) const
 stops multiplication if above threshold More...

Protected Attributes

std::set< CouenneScalar
*, compare_scalars

Detailed Description

Definition at line 66 of file CouenneMatrix.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::CouenneSparseVector ( )

Definition at line 82 of file CouenneMatrix.hpp.

Referenced by clone().

Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::~CouenneSparseVector ( )
Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::CouenneSparseVector ( const CouenneSparseVector rhs)

Member Function Documentation

CouenneSparseVector& Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::operator= ( const CouenneSparseVector rhs)
CouenneSparseVector* Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::clone ( )

Definition at line 87 of file CouenneMatrix.hpp.

References CouenneSparseVector().

void Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::add_element ( int  index,
expression elem 
void Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::print ( ) const
const std::set<CouenneScalar *, compare_scalars>& Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::getElements ( )

returns elements of vector as (ordered) set

Definition at line 93 of file CouenneMatrix.hpp.

References elem_.

double Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::operator* ( const CouenneSparseVector factor) const

vector * vector (dot product)

CouenneSparseVector& Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::operator* ( const CouenneExprMatrix post) const

vector * matrix

double Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::multiply_thres ( const CouenneSparseVector v2,
double  thres 
) const

stops multiplication if above threshold

Member Data Documentation

std::set<CouenneScalar *, compare_scalars> Couenne::CouenneSparseVector::elem_

Definition at line 78 of file CouenneMatrix.hpp.

Referenced by getElements().

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