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Couenne::CouenneSOSObject Class Reference

#include <CouenneSOSObject.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Couenne::CouenneSOSObject:

Public Member Functions

 CouenneSOSObject (OsiSolverInterface *solver, int nelem, int *indices, double *weights, int type, CouenneProblem *problem, exprVar *ref, JnlstPtr jnlst, bool doFBBT, bool doConvCuts)
 CouenneSOSObject (const CouenneSOSObject &src)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual OsiObject * clone () const
 Cloning method. More...
OsiBranchingObject * createBranch (OsiSolverInterface *si, const OsiBranchingInformation *info, int way) const
 create branching objects More...

Protected Attributes

 pointer to Couenne problem More...
 The (auxiliary) variable this branching object refers to. More...
JnlstPtr jnlst_
 SmartPointer to the Journalist. More...
bool doFBBT_
 shall we do Feasibility based Bound Tightening (FBBT) at branching? More...
bool doConvCuts_
 shall we add convexification cuts at branching? More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 95 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::CouenneSOSObject ( OsiSolverInterface *  solver,
int  nelem,
int *  indices,
double *  weights,
int  type,
CouenneProblem problem,
exprVar ref,
JnlstPtr  jnlst,
bool  doFBBT,
bool  doConvCuts 

Definition at line 118 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

Referenced by clone().

Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::CouenneSOSObject ( const CouenneSOSObject src)

Copy constructor.

Definition at line 134 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

Member Function Documentation

virtual OsiObject* Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::clone ( ) const

Cloning method.

Definition at line 143 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

References CouenneSOSObject().

OsiBranchingObject* Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::createBranch ( OsiSolverInterface *  si,
const OsiBranchingInformation *  info,
int  way 
) const

create branching objects

Member Data Documentation

CouenneProblem* Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::problem_

pointer to Couenne problem

Definition at line 100 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

exprVar* Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::reference_

The (auxiliary) variable this branching object refers to.

If the expression is w=f(x,y), this is w, as opposed to CouenneBranchingObject, where it would be either x or y.

Definition at line 105 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

JnlstPtr Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::jnlst_

SmartPointer to the Journalist.

Definition at line 108 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

bool Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::doFBBT_

shall we do Feasibility based Bound Tightening (FBBT) at branching?

Definition at line 111 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

bool Couenne::CouenneSOSObject::doConvCuts_

shall we add convexification cuts at branching?

Definition at line 114 of file CouenneSOSObject.hpp.

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