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Couenne::CouenneInterface Class Reference

#include <BonCouenneInterface.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Couenne::CouenneInterface:

Public Member Functions

 CouenneInterface ()
 Default constructor. More...
 CouenneInterface (const CouenneInterface &other)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual CouenneInterfaceclone (bool CopyData)
 virutal copy constructor. More...
virtual ~CouenneInterface ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual std::string appName ()

Overloaded methods to build outer approximations

bool have_nlp_solution_
 true if we got an integer feasible solution from initial solve More...
virtual void extractLinearRelaxation (OsiSolverInterface &si, CouenneCutGenerator &couenneCg, bool getObj=1, bool solveNlp=1)
 Extract a linear relaxation of the MINLP. More...
virtual void setAppDefaultOptions (Ipopt::SmartPtr< Ipopt::OptionsList > Options)
 To set some application specific defaults. More...
bool haveNlpSolution ()
 return value of have_nlp_solution_ More...

Detailed Description

Definition at line 33 of file BonCouenneInterface.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Couenne::CouenneInterface::CouenneInterface ( )

Default constructor.

Couenne::CouenneInterface::CouenneInterface ( const CouenneInterface other)

Copy constructor.

virtual Couenne::CouenneInterface::~CouenneInterface ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual CouenneInterface* Couenne::CouenneInterface::clone ( bool  CopyData)

virutal copy constructor.

virtual std::string Couenne::CouenneInterface::appName ( )

Definition at line 49 of file BonCouenneInterface.hpp.

virtual void Couenne::CouenneInterface::extractLinearRelaxation ( OsiSolverInterface &  si,
CouenneCutGenerator couenneCg,
bool  getObj = 1,
bool  solveNlp = 1 

Extract a linear relaxation of the MINLP.

Solve the continuous relaxation and takes first-order outer-approximation constraints at the optimum. The put everything in an OsiSolverInterface.

virtual void Couenne::CouenneInterface::setAppDefaultOptions ( Ipopt::SmartPtr< Ipopt::OptionsList >  Options)

To set some application specific defaults.

bool Couenne::CouenneInterface::haveNlpSolution ( )

return value of have_nlp_solution_

Definition at line 73 of file BonCouenneInterface.hpp.

References have_nlp_solution_.

Member Data Documentation

bool Couenne::CouenneInterface::have_nlp_solution_

true if we got an integer feasible solution from initial solve

Definition at line 79 of file BonCouenneInterface.hpp.

Referenced by haveNlpSolution().

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