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Couenne::CouenneInfo Class Reference

Bonmin class for passing info between components of branch-and-cuts. More...

#include <BonCouenneInfo.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Couenne::CouenneInfo:


class  NlpSolution
 Class for storing an Nlp Solution. More...

Public Member Functions

 CouenneInfo (int type)
 Default constructor. More...
 CouenneInfo (const OsiBabSolver &other)
 Constructor from OsiBabSolver. More...
 CouenneInfo (const CouenneInfo &other)
 Copy constructor. More...
virtual ~CouenneInfo ()
 Destructor. More...
virtual OsiAuxInfo * clone () const
 Virtual copy constructor. More...
const std::list
< Ipopt::SmartPtr< const
NlpSolution > > & 
NlpSolutions () const
 List of all stored NLP solutions. More...
void addSolution (Ipopt::SmartPtr< const NlpSolution > newSol)
 Add a new NLP solution. More...

Protected Attributes

std::list< Ipopt::SmartPtr
< const NlpSolution > > 

Detailed Description

Bonmin class for passing info between components of branch-and-cuts.

Definition at line 22 of file BonCouenneInfo.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Couenne::CouenneInfo::CouenneInfo ( int  type)

Default constructor.

Couenne::CouenneInfo::CouenneInfo ( const OsiBabSolver &  other)

Constructor from OsiBabSolver.

Couenne::CouenneInfo::CouenneInfo ( const CouenneInfo other)

Copy constructor.

virtual Couenne::CouenneInfo::~CouenneInfo ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual OsiAuxInfo* Couenne::CouenneInfo::clone ( ) const

Virtual copy constructor.

const std::list<Ipopt::SmartPtr<const NlpSolution> >& Couenne::CouenneInfo::NlpSolutions ( ) const

List of all stored NLP solutions.

Definition at line 81 of file BonCouenneInfo.hpp.

References nlpSols_.

void Couenne::CouenneInfo::addSolution ( Ipopt::SmartPtr< const NlpSolution newSol)

Add a new NLP solution.

Definition at line 86 of file BonCouenneInfo.hpp.

References nlpSols_.

Member Data Documentation

std::list<Ipopt::SmartPtr<const NlpSolution> > Couenne::CouenneInfo::nlpSols_

Definition at line 92 of file BonCouenneInfo.hpp.

Referenced by addSolution(), and NlpSolutions().

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