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Couenne::CouenneFixPoint Class Reference

Cut Generator for FBBT fixpoint. More...

#include <CouenneFixPoint.hpp>

Inheritance diagram for Couenne::CouenneFixPoint:

Public Member Functions

 CouenneFixPoint (CouenneProblem *, const Ipopt::SmartPtr< Ipopt::OptionsList >)
 constructor More...
 CouenneFixPoint (const CouenneFixPoint &)
 copy constructor More...
 ~CouenneFixPoint ()
 destructor More...
CouenneFixPointclone () const
 clone method (necessary for the abstract CglCutGenerator class) More...
void generateCuts (const OsiSolverInterface &, OsiCuts &, const CglTreeInfo=CglTreeInfo()) const
 the main CglCutGenerator More...

Static Public Member Functions

static void registerOptions (Ipopt::SmartPtr< Bonmin::RegisteredOptions > roptions)
 Add list of options to be read from file. More...

Protected Member Functions

void createRow (int, int, int, OsiSolverInterface *, const int *, const double *, const double, const int, bool, int, int) const
 Create a single cut. More...

Protected Attributes

bool extendedModel_
 should we use an extended model or a more compact one? More...
 pointer to the CouenneProblem representation More...
bool firstCall_
 Is this the first call? More...
double CPUtime_
 CPU time. More...
int nTightened_
 Number of bounds tightened. More...
int levelStop_
 Level at which to stop. More...
CouenneBTPerfIndicator perfIndicator_
 Performance indicator. More...

Detailed Description

Cut Generator for FBBT fixpoint.

Definition at line 30 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::CouenneFixPoint ( CouenneProblem ,
const Ipopt::SmartPtr< Ipopt::OptionsList >   


Referenced by clone().

Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::CouenneFixPoint ( const CouenneFixPoint )

copy constructor

Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::~CouenneFixPoint ( )


Member Function Documentation

CouenneFixPoint* Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::clone ( ) const

clone method (necessary for the abstract CglCutGenerator class)

Definition at line 45 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

References CouenneFixPoint().

void Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::generateCuts ( const OsiSolverInterface &  ,
OsiCuts &  ,
const CglTreeInfo  = CglTreeInfo() 
) const

the main CglCutGenerator

static void Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::registerOptions ( Ipopt::SmartPtr< Bonmin::RegisteredOptions >  roptions)

Add list of options to be read from file.

void Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::createRow ( int  ,
int  ,
int  ,
OsiSolverInterface *  ,
const int *  ,
const double *  ,
const double  ,
const int  ,
bool  ,
int  ,
) const

Create a single cut.

Member Data Documentation

bool Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::extendedModel_

should we use an extended model or a more compact one?

Definition at line 63 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

CouenneProblem* Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::problem_

pointer to the CouenneProblem representation

Definition at line 66 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

bool Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::firstCall_

Is this the first call?

Definition at line 69 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

double Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::CPUtime_

CPU time.

Definition at line 72 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

int Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::nTightened_

Number of bounds tightened.

Definition at line 75 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

int Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::levelStop_

Level at which to stop.

Definition at line 78 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

CouenneBTPerfIndicator Couenne::CouenneFixPoint::perfIndicator_

Performance indicator.

Definition at line 92 of file CouenneFixPoint.hpp.

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