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MyEventHandler Class Reference

This is so user can trap events and do useful stuff. More...

#include <MyEventHandler.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

virtual int event (Event whichEvent)
 This can do whatever it likes. More...
Constructors, destructor etc
 MyEventHandler ()
 Default constructor. More...
 MyEventHandler (ClpSimplex *model)
 Constructor with pointer to model (redundant as setEventHandler does) More...
virtual ~MyEventHandler ()
 Destructor. More...
 MyEventHandler (const MyEventHandler &rhs)
 The copy constructor. More...
MyEventHandleroperator= (const MyEventHandler &rhs)
 Assignment. More...
virtual ClpEventHandlerclone () const
 Clone. More...
- Public Member Functions inherited from ClpEventHandler
virtual int eventWithInfo (Event whichEvent, void *info)
 This can do whatever it likes. More...
 ClpEventHandler (ClpSimplex *model=NULL)
 Default constructor. More...
virtual ~ClpEventHandler ()
 Destructor. More...
 ClpEventHandler (const ClpEventHandler &)
ClpEventHandleroperator= (const ClpEventHandler &)
void setSimplex (ClpSimplex *model)
 set model. More...
ClpSimplexsimplex () const
 Get model. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from ClpEventHandler
enum  Event {
  endOfIteration = 100, endOfFactorization, endOfValuesPass, node,
  treeStatus, solution, theta, pivotRow,
  presolveStart, presolveSize, presolveInfeasible, presolveBeforeSolve,
  presolveAfterFirstSolve, presolveAfterSolve, presolveEnd, goodFactorization,
  complicatedPivotIn, noCandidateInPrimal, looksEndInPrimal, endInPrimal,
  beforeStatusOfProblemInPrimal, startOfStatusOfProblemInPrimal, complicatedPivotOut, noCandidateInDual,
  looksEndInDual, endInDual, beforeStatusOfProblemInDual, startOfStatusOfProblemInDual,
  startOfIterationInDual, updateDualsInDual, beforeDeleteRim, endOfCreateRim,
  slightlyInfeasible, modifyMatrixInMiniPresolve, moreMiniPresolve, modifyMatrixInMiniPostsolve,
  beforeChooseIncoming, afterChooseIncoming, beforeCreateNonLinear, afterCreateNonLinear,
  startOfCrossover, noTheta
 enums for what sort of event. More...
- Protected Attributes inherited from ClpEventHandler
 Pointer to simplex. More...

Detailed Description

This is so user can trap events and do useful stuff.

This is used in Clp/Test/unitTest.cpp

ClpSimplex model_ is available as well as anything else you care to pass in

Definition at line 18 of file MyEventHandler.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

MyEventHandler::MyEventHandler ( )

Default constructor.

MyEventHandler::MyEventHandler ( ClpSimplex model)

Constructor with pointer to model (redundant as setEventHandler does)

virtual MyEventHandler::~MyEventHandler ( )


MyEventHandler::MyEventHandler ( const MyEventHandler rhs)

The copy constructor.

Member Function Documentation

virtual int MyEventHandler::event ( Event  whichEvent)

This can do whatever it likes.

If return code -1 then carries on if 0 sets ClpModel::status() to 5 (stopped by event) and will return to user. At present if <-1 carries on and if >0 acts as if 0 - this may change. For ClpSolve 2 -> too big return status of -2 and -> too small 3

Reimplemented from ClpEventHandler.

MyEventHandler& MyEventHandler::operator= ( const MyEventHandler rhs)


virtual ClpEventHandler* MyEventHandler::clone ( ) const


Reimplemented from ClpEventHandler.

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