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CglBK Class Reference

For Bron-Kerbosch. More...

#include <CglPreProcess.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

Main methods
void bronKerbosch ()
 For recursive Bron-Kerbosch. More...
OsiSolverInterfacenewSolver (const OsiSolverInterface &model)
 Creates strengthened smaller model. More...
Constructors and destructors etc
 CglBK ()
 Default constructor. More...
 CglBK (const OsiSolverInterface &model, const char *rowType, int numberElements)
 Useful constructor. More...
 CglBK (const CglBK &rhs)
 Copy constructor . More...
CglBKoperator= (const CglBK &rhs)
 Assignment operator. More...
 ~CglBK ()
 Destructor. More...

Private Attributes

Private member data
int * candidates_
 Current candidates (created at each level) More...
char * mark_
 Array to mark stuff. More...
 Starts for graph (numberPossible+1) More...
int * otherColumn_
 Other column/node. More...
int * originalRow_
 Original row (in parallel with otherColumn_) More...
int * dominated_
 How many times each original row dominated. More...
 Clique entries. More...
const char * rowType_
 points to row types More...
int numberColumns_
 Number of original columns. More...
int numberRows_
 Number of original rows. More...
int numberPossible_
 Number possible. More...
int numberCandidates_
 Current number of candidates. More...
int firstNot_
 First not (stored backwards from numberPossible_) More...
int numberIn_
 Current number in clique. More...
int left_
 For acceleration. More...
int lastColumn_

Detailed Description

For Bron-Kerbosch.

Definition at line 463 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CglBK::CglBK ( )

Default constructor.

CglBK::CglBK ( const OsiSolverInterface model,
const char *  rowType,
int  numberElements 

Useful constructor.

CglBK::CglBK ( const CglBK rhs)

Copy constructor .

CglBK::~CglBK ( )


Member Function Documentation

void CglBK::bronKerbosch ( )

For recursive Bron-Kerbosch.

OsiSolverInterface* CglBK::newSolver ( const OsiSolverInterface model)

Creates strengthened smaller model.

CglBK& CglBK::operator= ( const CglBK rhs)

Assignment operator.

Member Data Documentation

int* CglBK::candidates_

Current candidates (created at each level)

Definition at line 515 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

char* CglBK::mark_

Array to mark stuff.

Definition at line 517 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

CoinBigIndex* CglBK::start_

Starts for graph (numberPossible+1)

Definition at line 519 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int* CglBK::otherColumn_

Other column/node.

Definition at line 521 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int* CglBK::originalRow_

Original row (in parallel with otherColumn_)

Definition at line 523 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int* CglBK::dominated_

How many times each original row dominated.

Definition at line 525 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

CoinPackedMatrix* CglBK::cliqueMatrix_

Clique entries.

Definition at line 527 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

const char* CglBK::rowType_

points to row types

Definition at line 529 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::numberColumns_

Number of original columns.

Definition at line 531 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::numberRows_

Number of original rows.

Definition at line 533 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::numberPossible_

Number possible.

Definition at line 535 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::numberCandidates_

Current number of candidates.

Definition at line 537 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::firstNot_

First not (stored backwards from numberPossible_)

Definition at line 539 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::numberIn_

Current number in clique.

Definition at line 541 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::left_

For acceleration.

Definition at line 543 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

int CglBK::lastColumn_

Definition at line 544 of file CglPreProcess.hpp.

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