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CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct Struct Reference

Control variable and prototype for probing cut generator. More...

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Public Attributes

CGControl action_
bool usingObjective_
int maxPass_
int maxPassRoot_
int maxProbe_
int maxProbeRoot_
int maxLook_
int maxLookRoot_
int maxElements_
int rowCuts_

Detailed Description

Control variable and prototype for probing cut generator.

Definition at line 792 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

Member Data Documentation

CGControl CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::action_

Definition at line 793 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

CglProbing* CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::proto_

Definition at line 794 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

bool CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::usingObjective_

Definition at line 795 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::maxPass_

Definition at line 796 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::maxPassRoot_

Definition at line 797 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::maxProbe_

Definition at line 798 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::maxProbeRoot_

Definition at line 799 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::maxLook_

Definition at line 800 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::maxLookRoot_

Definition at line 801 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::maxElements_

Definition at line 802 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

int CbcGenCtlBlk::probingCtl_struct::rowCuts_

Definition at line 803 of file CbcGenCtlBlk.hpp.

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