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OsiLinkedBound Class Reference

List of bounds which depend on other bounds. More...

#include <CbcLinked.hpp>

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struct  boundElementAction

Public Member Functions

Action methods
void updateBounds (ClpSimplex *solver)
 Update other bounds. More...
Constructors and destructors
 OsiLinkedBound ()
 Default Constructor. More...
 OsiLinkedBound (OsiSolverInterface *model, int variable, int numberAffected, const int *positionL, const int *positionU, const double *multiplier)
 Useful Constructor. More...
 OsiLinkedBound (const OsiLinkedBound &)
 Copy constructor. More...
OsiLinkedBoundoperator= (const OsiLinkedBound &rhs)
 Assignment operator. More...
 ~OsiLinkedBound ()
 Destructor. More...
Sets and Gets
int variable () const
 Get variable. More...
void addBoundModifier (bool upperBoundAffected, bool useUpperBound, int whichVariable, double multiplier=1.0)
 Add a bound modifier. More...

Private Attributes

Private member data
 Pointer back to model. More...
int variable_
 Variable. More...
int numberAffected_
 Number of variables/elements affected. More...
int maximumAffected_
 Maximum number of variables/elements affected. More...
 Actions. More...

Detailed Description

List of bounds which depend on other bounds.

Definition at line 300 of file CbcLinked.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

OsiLinkedBound::OsiLinkedBound ( )

Default Constructor.

OsiLinkedBound::OsiLinkedBound ( OsiSolverInterface model,
int  variable,
int  numberAffected,
const int *  positionL,
const int *  positionU,
const double *  multiplier 

Useful Constructor.

OsiLinkedBound::OsiLinkedBound ( const OsiLinkedBound )

Copy constructor.

OsiLinkedBound::~OsiLinkedBound ( )


Member Function Documentation

void OsiLinkedBound::updateBounds ( ClpSimplex solver)

Update other bounds.

OsiLinkedBound& OsiLinkedBound::operator= ( const OsiLinkedBound rhs)

Assignment operator.

int OsiLinkedBound::variable ( ) const

Get variable.

Definition at line 334 of file CbcLinked.hpp.

void OsiLinkedBound::addBoundModifier ( bool  upperBoundAffected,
bool  useUpperBound,
int  whichVariable,
double  multiplier = 1.0 

Add a bound modifier.

Member Data Documentation

OsiSolverInterface* OsiLinkedBound::model_

Pointer back to model.

Definition at line 364 of file CbcLinked.hpp.

int OsiLinkedBound::variable_


Definition at line 366 of file CbcLinked.hpp.

int OsiLinkedBound::numberAffected_

Number of variables/elements affected.

Definition at line 368 of file CbcLinked.hpp.

int OsiLinkedBound::maximumAffected_

Maximum number of variables/elements affected.

Definition at line 370 of file CbcLinked.hpp.

boundElementAction* OsiLinkedBound::affected_


Definition at line 372 of file CbcLinked.hpp.

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