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CbcUser Class Referenceabstract

A class to allow the use of unknown user functionality. More...

#include <CbcSolver.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

import/export methods
virtual int importData (CbcSolver *, int &, char **)
 Import - gets full command arguments. More...
virtual void exportSolution (CbcSolver *, int, const char *=NULL)
 Export. More...
virtual void exportData (CbcSolver *)
 Export Data (i.e. at very end) More...
virtual void fillInformation (CbcSolver *, CbcSolverUsefulData &)
 Get useful stuff. More...
usage methods
CoinModelcoinModel () const
 CoinModel if valid. More...
virtual voidstuff ()
 Other info - needs expanding. More...
std::string name () const
 Name. More...
virtual void solve (CbcSolver *model, const char *options)=0
 Solve (whatever that means) More...
virtual bool canDo (const char *options)=0
 Returns true if function knows about option. More...
Constructors and destructors etc
 CbcUser ()
 Default Constructor. More...
 CbcUser (const CbcUser &rhs)
 Copy constructor. More...
CbcUseroperator= (const CbcUser &rhs)
 Assignment operator. More...
virtual CbcUserclone () const =0
 Clone. More...
virtual ~CbcUser ()
 Destructor. More...

Protected Attributes

Private member data
 CoinModel. More...
std::string userName_
 Name of user function. More...

Detailed Description

A class to allow the use of unknown user functionality.

For example, access to a modelling language (CbcAmpl).

Definition at line 308 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CbcUser::CbcUser ( )

Default Constructor.

CbcUser::CbcUser ( const CbcUser rhs)

Copy constructor.

virtual CbcUser::~CbcUser ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual int CbcUser::importData ( CbcSolver ,
int &  ,
char **   

Import - gets full command arguments.

  • -1 - no action
  • 0 - data read in without error
  • 1 - errors

Definition at line 320 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

virtual void CbcUser::exportSolution ( CbcSolver ,
int  ,
const char *  = NULL 


Values for mode:

  • 1 OsiClpSolver
  • 2 CbcModel
  • add 10 if infeasible from odd situation

Definition at line 331 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

virtual void CbcUser::exportData ( CbcSolver )

Export Data (i.e. at very end)

Definition at line 335 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

virtual void CbcUser::fillInformation ( CbcSolver ,

Get useful stuff.

Definition at line 338 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

CoinModel* CbcUser::coinModel ( ) const

CoinModel if valid.

Definition at line 345 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

virtual void* CbcUser::stuff ( )

Other info - needs expanding.

Definition at line 349 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

std::string CbcUser::name ( ) const


Definition at line 353 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

virtual void CbcUser::solve ( CbcSolver model,
const char *  options 
pure virtual

Solve (whatever that means)

virtual bool CbcUser::canDo ( const char *  options)
pure virtual

Returns true if function knows about option.

CbcUser& CbcUser::operator= ( const CbcUser rhs)

Assignment operator.

virtual CbcUser* CbcUser::clone ( ) const
pure virtual


Member Data Documentation

CoinModel* CbcUser::coinModel_


Definition at line 385 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

std::string CbcUser::userName_

Name of user function.

Definition at line 388 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

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