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CbcStopNow Class Reference

Support the use of a call back class to decide whether to stop. More...

#include <CbcSolver.hpp>

Public Member Functions

Decision methods
virtual int callBack (CbcModel *, int)
 Import. More...
Constructors and destructors etc
 CbcStopNow ()
 Default Constructor. More...
 CbcStopNow (const CbcStopNow &rhs)
 Copy constructor . More...
CbcStopNowoperator= (const CbcStopNow &rhs)
 Assignment operator. More...
virtual CbcStopNowclone () const
 Clone. More...
virtual ~CbcStopNow ()
 Destructor. More...

Detailed Description

Support the use of a call back class to decide whether to stop.

Definitely under construction.

Definition at line 399 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

CbcStopNow::CbcStopNow ( )

Default Constructor.

CbcStopNow::CbcStopNow ( const CbcStopNow rhs)

Copy constructor .

virtual CbcStopNow::~CbcStopNow ( )


Member Function Documentation

virtual int CbcStopNow::callBack ( CbcModel ,


Values for whereFrom:

  • 1 after initial solve by dualsimplex etc
  • 2 after preprocessing
  • 3 just before branchAndBound (so user can override)
  • 4 just after branchAndBound (before postprocessing)
  • 5 after postprocessing
  • 6 after a user called heuristic phase
0 if good nonzero return code to stop

Definition at line 417 of file CbcSolver.hpp.

CbcStopNow& CbcStopNow::operator= ( const CbcStopNow rhs)

Assignment operator.

virtual CbcStopNow* CbcStopNow::clone ( ) const


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