Cbc  2.9.9
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CoinPresolveSubst.hpp File Reference
#include "CoinPresolveMatrix.hpp"
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class  subst_constraint_action
 Detect and process implied free variables. More...
struct  subst_constraint_action::action


#define SUBST_ROW   21


void implied_bounds (const double *els, const double *clo, const double *cup, const int *hcol, CoinBigIndex krs, CoinBigIndex kre, double *maxupp, double *maxdownp, int jcol, double rlo, double rup, double *iclb, double *icub)

Macro Definition Documentation

#define SUBST_ROW   21

Definition at line 13 of file CoinPresolveSubst.hpp.

Function Documentation

void implied_bounds ( const double *  els,
const double *  clo,
const double *  cup,
const int *  hcol,
CoinBigIndex  krs,
CoinBigIndex  kre,
double *  maxupp,
double *  maxdownp,
int  jcol,
double  rlo,
double  rup,
double *  iclb,
double *  icub