Cbc  2.9.9
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CoinPresolveDupcol.hpp File Reference
#include "CoinPresolveMatrix.hpp"
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class  dupcol_action
 Detect and remove duplicate columns. More...
struct  dupcol_action::action
class  duprow_action
 Detect and remove duplicate rows. More...
struct  duprow_action::action
class  duprow3_action
struct  duprow3_action::action
class  gubrow_action
 Detect and remove entries whose sum is known. More...
struct  gubrow_action::action
class  twoxtwo_action
 Detect interesting 2 by 2 blocks. More...
struct  twoxtwo_action::action


#define DUPCOL   10

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#define DUPCOL   10

Definition at line 15 of file CoinPresolveDupcol.hpp.