Cbc  2.9.9
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Cbc_ampl.h File Reference

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struct  ampl_info


int readAmpl (ampl_info *info, int argc, char **argv, void **coinModel)
void freeArrays1 (ampl_info *info)
void freeArrays2 (ampl_info *info)
void freeArgs (ampl_info *info)
void writeAmpl (ampl_info *info)
int ampl_obj_prec ()

Function Documentation

int readAmpl ( ampl_info info,
int  argc,
char **  argv,
void **  coinModel 
void freeArrays1 ( ampl_info info)
void freeArrays2 ( ampl_info info)
void freeArgs ( ampl_info info)
void writeAmpl ( ampl_info info)
int ampl_obj_prec ( )