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Speed Test an Operator Overloading AD Package

CppAD has a set of speed tests that are used to determine if certain changes improve its execution speed. These tests can also be used to compare the AD packages Adolc , CppAD , Fadbad and Sacado .

Usually, one wants to compile the speed tests in release mode. This can be done by setting cppad_debug_which to debug_none in the cmake command. Correctness tests are included for all the speed tests, so it is possible you will want to compile these tests for debugging; i.e., set cppad_debug_which to debug_all. The sections below explain how you can run these tests on your computer.

speed_mainRunning the Speed Test Program
speed_utilitySpeed Testing Utilities
speed_doubleSpeed Test of Functions in Double
speed_adolcSpeed Test of Derivatives Using Adolc
speed_cppadSpeed Test Derivatives Using CppAD
speed_fadbadSpeed Test Derivatives Using Fadbad
speed_sacadoSpeed Test Derivatives Using Sacado

Input File: omh/speed/speed.omh