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@(@\newcommand{\W}[1]{ \; #1 \; } \newcommand{\R}[1]{ {\rm #1} } \newcommand{\B}[1]{ {\bf #1} } \newcommand{\D}[2]{ \frac{\partial #1}{\partial #2} } \newcommand{\DD}[3]{ \frac{\partial^2 #1}{\partial #2 \partial #3} } \newcommand{\Dpow}[2]{ \frac{\partial^{#1}}{\partial {#2}^{#1}} } \newcommand{\dpow}[2]{ \frac{ {\rm d}^{#1}}{{\rm d}\, {#2}^{#1}} }@)@
Speed Testing Utilities

Speed Main Program
speed_main Running the Speed Test Program

Speed Utility Routines
det_by_lu Determinant Using Expansion by Lu Factorization
det_by_minor Determinant Using Expansion by Minors
det_of_minor Determinant of a Minor
det_33 Check Determinant of 3 by 3 matrix
det_grad_33 Check Gradient of Determinant of 3 by 3 matrix
mat_sum_sq Sum Elements of a Matrix Times Itself
ode_evaluate Evaluate a Function Defined in Terms of an ODE
sparse_jac_fun Evaluate a Function That Has a Sparse Jacobian
sparse_hes_fun Evaluate a Function That Has a Sparse Hessian
uniform_01 Simulate a [0,1] Uniform Random Variate

Library Routines
LuFactor LU Factorization of A Square Matrix
LuInvert Invert an LU Factored Equation
LuSolve Compute Determinant and Solve Linear Equations
Poly Evaluate a Polynomial or its Derivative

Source Code
det_by_lu.hpp Source: det_by_lu
det_by_minor.hpp Source: det_by_minor
det_grad_33.hpp Source: det_grad_33
det_of_minor.hpp Source: det_of_minor
lu_factor.hpp Source: LuFactor
lu_invert.hpp Source: LuInvert
lu_solve.hpp Source: LuSolve
mat_sum_sq.hpp Source: mat_sum_sq
poly.hpp Source: Poly
sparse_jac_fun.hpp Source: sparse_jac_fun
sparse_hes_fun.hpp Source: sparse_hes_fun
uniform_01.hpp Source: uniform_01

Input File: omh/speed/speed_utility.omh