CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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op_code.hpp File Reference

Defines the OpCode enum type and functions related to it. More...

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 contains all the variables and functions defined by the CppAD package.


enum  CppAD::local::OpCode {
  CppAD::local::AbsOp, CppAD::local::AcosOp, CppAD::local::AcoshOp, CppAD::local::AddpvOp,
  CppAD::local::AddvvOp, CppAD::local::AsinOp, CppAD::local::AsinhOp, CppAD::local::AtanOp,
  CppAD::local::AtanhOp, CppAD::local::BeginOp, CppAD::local::CExpOp, CppAD::local::CosOp,
  CppAD::local::CoshOp, CppAD::local::CSkipOp, CppAD::local::CSumOp, CppAD::local::DisOp,
  CppAD::local::DivpvOp, CppAD::local::DivvpOp, CppAD::local::DivvvOp, CppAD::local::EndOp,
  CppAD::local::EqpvOp, CppAD::local::EqvvOp, CppAD::local::ErfOp, CppAD::local::ExpOp,
  CppAD::local::Expm1Op, CppAD::local::InvOp, CppAD::local::LdpOp, CppAD::local::LdvOp,
  CppAD::local::LepvOp, CppAD::local::LevpOp, CppAD::local::LevvOp, CppAD::local::LogOp,
  CppAD::local::Log1pOp, CppAD::local::LtpvOp, CppAD::local::LtvpOp, CppAD::local::LtvvOp,
  CppAD::local::MulpvOp, CppAD::local::MulvvOp, CppAD::local::NepvOp, CppAD::local::NevvOp,
  CppAD::local::ParOp, CppAD::local::PowpvOp, CppAD::local::PowvpOp, CppAD::local::PowvvOp,
  CppAD::local::PriOp, CppAD::local::SignOp, CppAD::local::SinOp, CppAD::local::SinhOp,
  CppAD::local::SqrtOp, CppAD::local::StppOp, CppAD::local::StpvOp, CppAD::local::StvpOp,
  CppAD::local::StvvOp, CppAD::local::SubpvOp, CppAD::local::SubvpOp, CppAD::local::SubvvOp,
  CppAD::local::TanOp, CppAD::local::TanhOp, CppAD::local::UserOp, CppAD::local::UsrapOp,
  CppAD::local::UsravOp, CppAD::local::UsrrpOp, CppAD::local::UsrrvOp, CppAD::local::ZmulpvOp,
  CppAD::local::ZmulvpOp, CppAD::local::ZmulvvOp, CppAD::local::NumberOp
 Type used to distinguish different AD< Base > atomic operations. More...


size_t CppAD::local::arg_is_variable (OpCode op, const addr_t *arg, pod_vector< bool > &is_variable)
 Determines which arguments are variaibles for an operator. More...
bool CppAD::local::is_pod< OpCode > (void)
 specialize is_pod<OpCode> to be true More...
size_t CppAD::local::NumArg (OpCode op)
 Number of arguments for a specified operator. More...
size_t CppAD::local::NumRes (OpCode op)
 Number of variables resulting from the specified operation. More...
const char * CppAD::local::OpName (OpCode op)
 Fetch the name for a specified operation. More...
template<class Base >
void CppAD::local::printOp (std::ostream &os, const local::player< Base > *play, size_t i_op, size_t i_var, OpCode op, const addr_t *ind)
 Prints a single operator and its operands. More...
template<class Type >
void CppAD::local::printOpField (std::ostream &os, const char *leader, const Type &value, size_t width)
 Prints a single field corresponding to an operator. More...
template<class Value >
void CppAD::local::printOpResult (std::ostream &os, size_t nfz, const Value *fz, size_t nrz, const Value *rz)
 Prints the result values correspnding to an operator. More...

Detailed Description

Defines the OpCode enum type and functions related to it.

Definition in file op_code.hpp.