CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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CppAD::local::subgraph Namespace Reference


class  subgraph_info
 class for maintaining subgraph information attached to on ADFun object. More...


template<typename Base >
void entire_call (const player< Base > *play, pod_vector< addr_t > &subgraph)
 Convert from just firt UserOp to entire atomic function call in a subgraph. More...
template<typename Base >
void get_argument_variable (const player< Base > *play, size_t i_op, pod_vector< size_t > &variable, pod_vector< bool > &work)
 Determine the set of arguments, for an operator, that are variables. More...
template<typename Base , typename BoolVector >
void subgraph_sparsity (const player< Base > *play, subgraph_info &sub_info, const vector< size_t > &dep_taddr, const BoolVector &select_domain, const BoolVector &select_range, pod_vector< size_t > &row_out, pod_vector< size_t > &col_out)
 Compute dependency sparsity pattern for an ADFun<Base> function. More...