CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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template<class Type>
size_t CppAD::local::pod_vector< Type >::extend ( size_t  n)

Increase the number of elements the end of this vector (existing elements are always preserved).

nis the number of elements to add to end of this vector.
is the number of elements in the vector before extend was extended. This is the index of the first new element added to the vector.
  • If Type is plain old data, new elements are not initialized; i.e., their constructor is not called. Otherwise, the constructor is called for each new element.
  • This and resize are the only routine that allocate memory for pod_vector. They uses thread_alloc for this allocation, hence this determines which thread corresponds to this vector (when in parallel mode).

Definition at line 115 of file pod_vector.hpp.

Referenced by CppAD::local::sparse_sizevec::add_element(), CppAD::local::arg_is_variable(), CppAD::local::sparse_sizevec::assignment(), CppAD::local::sparse_sizevec::binary_intersection(), CppAD::local::sparse_sizevec::binary_union(), CppAD::local::sparse_sizevec::collect_garbage(), CppAD::local::for_hes_sweep(), CppAD::local::for_jac_sweep(), CppAD::local::forward0sweep(), CppAD::local::forward1sweep(), CppAD::local::pod_vector< Pack >::operator=(), CppAD::local::pod_vector< Pack >::pod_vector(), CppAD::local::sparse_sizevec::post_element(), CppAD::local::sparse_sizevec::process_post(), CppAD::local::pod_vector< Pack >::push_back(), CppAD::local::rev_hes_sweep(), CppAD::local::rev_jac_sweep(), CppAD::ADFun< Base >::subgraph_jac_rev(), and CppAD::VecAD< Base >::VecAD().