CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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template<class Base >
template<class VectorSet >
void CppAD::ADFun< Base >::ForSparseHesCase ( const std::set< size_t > &  set_type,
const VectorSet &  r,
const VectorSet &  s,
VectorSet &  h 

Private helper function for ForSparseHes(q, s) set sparsity.

All of the description in the public member function ForSparseHes(q, s) applies.

set_typeis a std::set<size_t> value. This argument is used to dispatch to the proper source code depending on the vlaue of VectorSet::value_type.
rSee ForSparseHes(r, s).
sSee ForSparseHes(q, s).
his the return value for the corresponging call to ForSparseJac(q, s).

Definition at line 303 of file for_sparse_hes.hpp.