CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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template<typename Base>
template<typename ADvector >
void CppAD::ADFun< Base >::Dependent ( local::ADTape< Base > *  tape,
const ADvector &  y 

change the operation sequence corresponding to this object

Replace the floationg point operations sequence for this function object.

tapeis a tape that contains the new floating point operation sequence for this function. After this operation, all memory allocated for this tape is deleted.
yThe dependent variable vector for the function being stored in this object.
All of the private member data in ad_fun.hpp is set to correspond to the new tape except for check_for_nan_.

Definition at line 236 of file dependent.hpp.

Referenced by CppAD::BenderQuad(), CppAD::ipopt::solve_callback< Dvector, ADvector, FG_eval >::cache_new_x(), CppAD::opt_val_hes(), and CppAD::ipopt::solve_callback< Dvector, ADvector, FG_eval >::solve_callback().