CppAD: A C++ Algorithmic Differentiation Package  20171217
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base_double.hpp File Reference

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 contains all the variables and functions defined by the CppAD package.


double CppAD::abs (const double &x)
bool CppAD::abs_geq (const double &x, const double &y)
double CppAD::CondExpOp (enum CompareOp cop, const double &left, const double &right, const double &exp_if_true, const double &exp_if_false)
bool CppAD::EqualOpSeq (const double &x, const double &y)
bool CppAD::GreaterThanOrZero (const double &x)
bool CppAD::GreaterThanZero (const double &x)
bool CppAD::IdenticalEqualPar (const double &x, const double &y)
bool CppAD::IdenticalOne (const double &x)
bool CppAD::IdenticalPar (const double &x)
bool CppAD::IdenticalZero (const double &x)
int CppAD::Integer (const double &x)
bool CppAD::LessThanOrZero (const double &x)
bool CppAD::LessThanZero (const double &x)
double CppAD::sign (const double &x)