Bonmin  1.7
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BonOsiTMINLPInterface.hpp File Reference
#include <string>
#include <iostream>
#include "OsiSolverInterface.hpp"
#include "CoinWarmStartBasis.hpp"
#include "BonCutStrengthener.hpp"

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class  Bonmin::OsiTMINLPInterface
 This is class provides an Osi interface for a Mixed Integer Linear Program expressed as a TMINLP (so that we can use it for example as the continuous solver in Cbc). More...
class  Bonmin::OsiTMINLPInterface::SimpleError
 Error class to throw exceptions from OsiTMINLPInterface. More...
class  Bonmin::OsiTMINLPInterface::Messages
 Messages written by an OsiTMINLPInterface. More...


namespace  Bonmin

(C) Copyright International Business Machines Corporation 2007


#define INT_BIAS   0e-8


enum  Bonmin::Solver { Bonmin::EIpopt = 0, Bonmin::EFilterSQP, Bonmin::EAll }
 Solvers for solving nonlinear programs. More...

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#define INT_BIAS   0e-8

Definition at line 16 of file BonOsiTMINLPInterface.hpp.